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How to choose your next crystal

Picking out a crystal can be hard! Especially when you know there is something you need (or want, which is usually a nudge from your higher self anyway)… here are three tips to help you pick out your next crystal.

1) Do your research

Read up on the crystal properties and try and find one that best matches the healing you are seeking. You can google ‘crystals for….’ and it should return a good suggestion or two or you can also find lots of helpful information in the pages of a good crystal book.

2) Intuitive Selection

Sometimes you just don’t know what you need but your higher self always does. When shopping for crystals in person or online hold the intention that you are seeking a stone for a specific healing purpose or if you’re still not sure then ask for something to support you for your highest good. The right stone will jump out at you, try not to get too tangled up in the description of the stone just trust your intuition that it is what you need. You can also use this method when shopping for friends and family.

3) Go by feel

When shopping in person, if you have the opportunity to, pick up the stones and notice how they make you feel. Do you feel excited, lit up or connected? Do your hands tingle when you hold the crystal? Or do you feel neutral and not much of a connection. This doesn’t mean if you don’t feel anything for every single stone that you shouldn’t take it home, some people are just more sensitive than others to energy.

Remember to cleanse, charge and set an intention with your new crystal and you’ll be working together in no time!

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