How do I use my Inspire (Crystal Elixir Water) Bottle?

Fill your bottle with clean, filtered water....Drink and amplify your good vibes!

We recommend setting a mindful purpose for your crystal - let it know what you need help with and it'll have your back!

Make sure the bottom is screwed on tight to ensure no leaking occurs, if done correctly the bottle will not leak.

How do I clean my Inspire Bottle?

Be sure to unscrew the Crystal from the base - the glass is Dishwasher safe but we would prefer if you rinsed/gently wiped with some Eco Detergent. Your Crystal is also safe to gently clean but please avoid washing the bamboo if you can.

Should I charge my Crystal? What are the benefits and how do I do it?

You can unscrew the crystal and leave out under the full moon if you wish to charge, crystals vibrate at the own frequency and some store energies also - so cleansing and charging is an important part of Crystal Care. And easy way to cleanse is (even though it is a water bottle) hold under running water and imagine that all the unwanted energies are flowing off and away. To charge (maximize its power) sit it out under the full moon once a month. This ensures your crystal is happy and all powered up to do it's best job for you!

Why doesn’t my crystal look the same as in the photo?

Crystals are natural, unique specimens that are straight outta mother nature. As with most natural products they each have a unique look to them - just like people! So your crystal may appear in different shades, have different markings and appear to be different sizes. Great care is taken to ensure that the majority of the products are the same size but there will always be the chance of difference.

What crystal is best for me? How do I choose?

Each crystal offers a different intention and vibe, you can find more information on each crystal by searching our website - or google for more!
However, we recommend choosing the crystal that you are most drawn to - when you take a look at the photos which one do you want the most!

What is my Inspire bottle made of?

Each bottle is made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass, Bamboo Ends, A Crystal and a Food Safe Silicon end to make sure it doesn't leak.

What is the quantity of water that my Inspire Bottle can hold?

The bottle is 550ml 

How are the crystals attached?

Each crystal had been hand drilled and secured with high quality stainless steel.

Safety usage information

Potential choking hazard: While the greatest care is taken to attach your crystal and we ensure our crystals are of the highest quality you need to be aware of anything within the bottle coming loose. This product is not suitable for children. Knight Inspired holds no responsibility for the bottles after they arrive in your care. We package our products responsibly and courier safely.


Returns and Refunds

We do not offer returns simply due to a change of mind, any product defects need to be recorded with us as soon as your product arrives. All care is taken to check the bottles before the leave us. Any damage due to the courier needs to be recorded and we will help you sort the issue out via the courier. Any product issues please contact us first



We currently are investigating into wholesale - please register your interest with us via email.