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Carnelian Crystal Tumble Stone


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Carnelian Crystal Tumble Stone

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Vitality | Courage | Creativity

Boosts energy and motivation 🌟 - Carnelian's vibrant energy revitalises your zest for life, increasing your enthusiasm and drive to tackle daily challenges.

Enhances courage and confidence 🦁 - This bold stone empowers you to face fears head-on, boosting self-confidence and the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Stimulates creativity and innovation 🎨 - Carnelian is a beacon for creativity, helping to unlock your creative potential and inspire innovative ideas, making it ideal for artists and inventors.

Promotes sacral chakra and emotional health ❤️ - It enhances intimacy and passion, while also helping to balance sacral chakra energies and emotions, fostering healthier relationships and self-expression.

Supports decision-making and focus 🧠 - By anchoring you in the present, Carnelian promotes a clear mind and decisive actions, essential for effective problem-solving and planning.

Grounds and anchors in the present 🌍 - Carnelian’s grounding properties help stabilise and center you, keeping you rooted in the present moment, which is beneficial for mindfulness practices.

The corresponding chakra for Carnelian is the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is associated with emotions, creativity, sexuality, and intimacy, which aligns perfectly with the energising and creative nature of Carnelian.

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Carnelian Crystal Tumble Stone - Knight Inspired

Carnelian Crystal Tumble Stone