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Crystal Bracelet for 'Motherhood'

Crystal Bracelet for 'Motherhood'

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A combination of Chrysoprase, Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz. Intuitively chosen and curated to support Mamas on their journey to Motherhood.

Chrysoprase - Chrysoprase helps to stimulate fertility and balance hormones and emotions. It is a stone of hope, compassion and can help getting a good nights sleep.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love and kindness. Rose Quartz boosts love in all areas of your life. It assists with the bonding of mother and child from an endless source of love. 

Rainbow Moonstone - Rainbow Moonstone is a healing stone that is directly aligned with the energy of the moon. When wearing it, it increases fertility. It is also a gentle healing stone to have for new born babies.

We now have two sizes available. 17cm which is S/M and 19cm which is M/L

A beautiful collaboration between Wristocracy and Knight Inspired. We put our creativity together and came up with a gorgeous new bracelet range. Stone combinations were chosen by us here at Knight Inspired and then crafted from high quality beads, elastic and love by Tricia at Wristocracy.


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