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Amethyst Crystal Key Ring

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Ring & Chain is approx 5cm long.. Crystals are around 3-5cm long.

Amethyst will vary in length, colour and shape due to it being in a natural form. These will be chosen at random.

Properties: Amethyst is a stone of protection, healing and intuition. A calming stone that works to promote balance and peace. Amethyst brings those who are overstressed or overwhelmed back to center. It eases mental anxieties and is a brilliant crystal to promote a good nights sleep or to meditate with. 

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

Cleansing & Care: Amethyst will fade in the sunlight so do not leave on the windowsill for too long. Tumbled stones can be cleansed via running water, in a bowl of brown rice overnight or by smudging. Rough versions - just take care not to let too much water in if there are obvious cracks.


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Amethyst Crystal Key Ring

Amethyst Crystal Key Ring