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September 2023 New Moon in Virgo

15th September 1:40pm NZT

As we leave the fire of Leo season behind us we turn to the earthy, soul-nourishing sign of Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo encourages us to turn our focus inward, paying attention to the details of our lives, and nurturing our well-being. This New Moon invites you to ground your energy and to focus deeply on a reset of self-care, self-reflection, and meticulous planning.

This New Moon is a serious reminder to focus on your own healing first, and from there then turn to serve others, you are more help with a full tank than a half/empty one.

This is also the time to assess your routines and rituals, what's working and what's not? Virgo inspires you to streamline your life, declutter your space, and set practical intentions for the future. One small step at a time towards your goals and dreams.

Journal Prompts / Card Pull Questions

1. What areas of my life need more attention and care?
2. How can I improve my daily routines to enhance my physical and mental well-being?
3. What clutter can I release to create space for new opportunities? This can be physical, mental or spiritual.

Take this time to reflect, set intentions, and embark on a journey of self-improvement with the help of the September New Moon in Virgo.

Crystal Support for Virgo

We have a Virgo Crystal Set you can view here that can be useful to support Virgo energies any time. Whether you are born under the sign of Virgo or for the Full / New Moon.

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