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What are crystals?

Millions of years in the making, crystals are made up of atoms and molecules (just like we are) that have formed over time from the pressure of the Mama Earth moving, shaking and doing her thing. They are then pushed to the surface and eventually located and unearthed

…a bit mind blowing really…

Everything is energy

Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency, which is how they all have their own unique healing properties. Humans also have an energetic frequency, however unlike crystals, our vibrations are always in constant fluctuations which is why you can feel low vibe or high vibe on certain days.

How crystals work with us

When working with a particular crystal, having it near you or holding the intention to call it’s energy in, we then start to match our own vibration to that of the crystal. As the crystal is only emitting the same steady vibration, we then bring ourselves into alignment and balance as we being to match that frequency. As long as you set the intention to work with the crystal of course!

So many crystals

There are so many different crystals with different geometric structures, this is why you’ll find some are for calming and others for confidence. Some for protecting your energy and others for calling in abundance. When working with our crystal friends always keep the intention for them to work with you for your highest good and don’t forget to keep them energetically cleansed too.

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