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Isis Mother of Magic


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Isis Mother of Magic

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Modern Goddesses Who Embody Her Grace and Power

Copy signed by Auckland Based Natali Brown

Isis - Mother of Magic tells the healing stories of 24 modern goddesses and their unique expression of love, healing, power and grace during the labor pains of the emerging Golden Age. These women are deeply connected to the cosmos, the Earth and ancient feminine mysteries. They are mothers, wives, healers, witches, shamans, mystics, medicine women, and starseeds.

They've come to re-member all that has been forgotten and lost in our shifting world. These women have resurrected parts of themselves. And now they resurrect the divine inner and collective masculine.

They are the divine mothering presence of love that gives and nourishes life in so many ways. They are true sovereign icons of our time who embody and radiate their sacred feminine power for all of humanity across all time and space.

Come take a journey with us.

Let these magical women open your heart and show you true reclamation of your sacred feminine power.

Agnieszka Golasik
Allie Marie
Angel Aquarian
Anita McCaw
Annabella Hart
Christy Carlson
Crystal Jackson
Crystal Lynn Privett
Dhyāna Kluth
Eugénie FitzGerald
Jaquie Lait
Jennifer Rivera
Jessica Sage
Karla Thompson
Kathy Eller
Natali Brown
Natalia Dunne
Rebecca Leanna Adel
Renate Sophia Müller
Samone Marie
Sanja Rose
Saquoija Green
Stepanka Kuralova
Stephanie Hawkins
Shannon Van Den Berg


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Isis Mother of Magic - Knight Inspired

Isis Mother of Magic