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Manifestation Magic: PDF Workbook


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Introducing our "Manifestation Magic Workbook." This guide was created to compliment our Crystals for Manifestation Set - but if you have the crystals at home already (Pyrite, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Citrine) you can dive right in!

Come with us on a magical journey and dive into the art of manifestation, enriched with crystal knowledge, practical rituals, and journal prompts to really dive deep into what you want to call into your life. We discuss how to create and care for a manifestation altar, explore intuitive oracle/tarot spreads, and how you harness the moon's energy under the different moon phases.

With printable affirmations and essential tips, this workbook is a fun guide to anyone need a little bit of help on their manifestation journey. 

Plus, get a chance to win back your workbook! Let's sprinkle some stardust together.

Ps. We may expand and update it from time to time, and when we do, you'll get a notification to download the new copy so you have it for ever!

Approximately 42 Pages in length (including title pages and printable affirmation cards)

  • What is Manifestation
  • Our Crystal companions
  • Cleansing your crystals
  • Journal prompts
  • Crystal focused journal prompts
  • Creating a manifestation altar
  • Caring for your altar
  • Oracle / Tarot Card Spreads
  • Manifestation rituals
  • Manifestation with the moon
  • Manifestation tips & tricks
  • Printable affirmations
  • Maintaining Your Practice
  • Final words
  • Win back your workbook

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Manifestation Magic: PDF Workbook - Knight Inspired

Manifestation Magic: PDF Workbook