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Organic Palo Santo Stick


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Organic Palo Santo Stick

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Sacred Wood Palo Santo

Ethically Sourced 

Healing • Cleansing • Aromatic

Wild Harvested from Peru

Palo Santo literally means “Holy Wood” in Spanish.  

It has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Palo Santo is energetically cleansing & healing with a beautiful sweet smell. Perfect for giving your crystals an energetic refresh, burning before meditation or card reading. Or just in general to ground your energy.

Palo Santo is used in much the same way as White Sage - to combat negative energy and to cleanse the space.

To use:

Light your stick of Palo Santo. Holding on a slight angle to slow the stick to burn for about 30 seconds - 1 min before you blow out.  Move the stick around anywhere you feel needs an energetic cleanse. If using for crystals then hold the crystal above the stick and move through the smoke 3-4 times or until you feel necessary.

When finished be sure to place onto a fire proof material or bowl. It will continue to burn unless you completely blow it out so please do not leave unattended.


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Organic Palo Santo Stick - Knight Inspired

Organic Palo Santo Stick