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Tanzberry Quartz Worry Stone

Tanzberry Quartz Worry Stone

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Tanzberry Quartz is a quartz that has Lithium, Muscovite or Lepidolite inclusions. It actives your Root and Sacral Chakras and carries a fiery / earthly energy. It assists in increasing confidence, manifestation and enables you to channel creative energy. A stone for the creative who likes to get things done.

These were carved in India.

Worry stones have an indent in them for you to run your thumb back and forth over, the repetitive movement brings about a sense of calm and gives you something to focus on in tense situations.

Stones are around 2-3cm long and will be intuitively selected from what is available.

Crystal Care: When your crystal arrives it will have picked up energies from its journey and you will need to set your intentions for it to help you. Check out our Crystal Cleansing Guide


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