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What are the spiritual properties of Rhodonite and how to use it on your healing journey.

Rhodonite is a stone of emotional balancing. It is a nurturer that clears emotional wounds from your past. Rhodonite stimulates your heart chakra but also grounds and balances your energy. It helps with emotional panic and encourages forgiveness. Rhodonite is a kind and loving healer that brings you back to center during stressful times. It calms emotional shock and panic, and supports you when dealing with painful issues. It also helps you to see both sides of a situation and approach them with compassion and an open heart.

Rhodonite is quite often called "The Rescue Stone" as it comes to us in times of need and is a beautiful support to add to your spiritual toolkit.

Why might you turn to Rhodonite

  • Needing emotional healing
  • Connecting to the feeling of unconditional love
  • Feeling nurtured and supported
  • Needing some gentle protection

How to work with Rhodonite

  • Wear it as jewellery
  • Keep a piece under your pillow
  • Carry a tumble stone around with you during the day
  • Put together a sacred alter to signify your healing journey including Rhodonite and other heart healing stones

When you have your piece of Rhodonite we recommend holding it and imagine a bubble of pink light radiating from your Heart Chakra and surrounding you as a protective and loving shield. This will envelope you in a loving energy and protect you at the same time. You can do this daily or whenever you feel like you need a bit of a Rhodonite 'hug'.

Crystals to pair with Rhodonite

  • Rose Quartz to enhance the heart chakra healing of Rhodonite
  • Clear Quartz to boost its emotional healing properties
  • Black Tourmaline to strengthen the protective properties of Rhodonite

You can find Rhodonite on our website here

If you want to read how to energetically cleanse your piece of Rhodonite you can refer to our "How to Cleanse your Crystals" guide here and download the free PDF file.

Rhodonite can come in a variety of shades of pink depending on where it was sourced, remember just because we have written these details on Rhodonite doesn't mean it is THE CRYSTAL you need in this moment, you should always let your intuition guide you to what you are feeling you need and make your choice based on feeling rather than what someone else says.

We have a beautiful selection of Rhodonite at Knight Inspired / The Crystal Shop in Auckland and you can visit us at 24 Hillary Square to select your own or shop online and trust us to intuitively select one for you.

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