Collection: Trolleite

Trolleite is a stone of growth and ascension. Ideal for the turbulent years that we have been having and that are ahead with universal consciousness expanding and opening. Trolleite encourages us to move into alignment with our soul and it's purpose. It works on all chakras and encourages you to "wake up" if you are not already. It assists us into stepping into our role of what we came here on earth to do and supports you if you are already on this path. It connects us to our angels, guides and team in spirit of the highest love and light.

It emits a soft yet deep nurturing energy. It helps to bring up suppressed emotions or trauma when you are ready in order to help you heal. It then guides us to help heal and move into a lighter and new energy.

Also a powerful manifestation stone, use Trolleite during your moon rituals or when you are manifesting your dreams to reality. Just be sure to always be manifesting from your heart space for what is best for your highest good and the highest good of others too.