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Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

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Please select your note and size from the drop down menu, the price is for ONE bowl only in your chakra of choice. You will receive 1 bowl, 1 mallet and 1 rubber stand. Each of our bowls has the chakra symbol printed at the base for easy recognition of what you are playing. PLEASE NOTE THE MALLET HAS NOW CHANGED DUE TO A SUPPLIER CHANGE IT IS NOW A RUBBER MALLET AND A BLACK RING STAND.

Please note when making the bowls the tones between the 8 inch and the 10 inch will sound different due to the size and the thickness of the bowls. (Just something to keep in mind if you are ordering mixed thicknesses)


Crystal Singing Bowls have many benefits as well as being pleasant to play and listen to

  • They encourage deep relaxation and allow you to release tension that you have been holding on to.
  • They cleanse, clear and bring the chakras into harmony - each bowl is specifically tuned to a note that correlates with the Chakra (Root C, Sacral D, Solar Plexus E, Heart F, Throat G, Third Eye A, Crown B)
  • They calm an overactive mind 
  • They vibrate at such frequencies that can cleanse and clear the space that you are playing in, so also beneficial for cleansing homes and crystals.
  • Improves sleep and is excellent for meditation, we can recommend recording yourself playing your bowls then playing it back to you for a hands-free experience.

Sound Healing or Sound Baths are becoming increasingly popular as a modern healing modality. And having your own both allows you to heal yourself and others using the power of sound.

Singing Bowls have been used throughout history (Such as the Tibetan Singing Bowls, these are made from Quartz and are moulded to shape and tone at high temperatures)

Just as we say that every crystal vibrates at its own frequency so has different healing properties, so do the quartz bowls. 

Everything is energy! Clear Quartz is known as the master healing stone as it is such a powerful transmitter and amplifier of energy so the bowls produce the same just with sound.

How to play your singing bowl :

  • Set yourself up in your desired space, either somewhere you won't be disturbed or with friends if you are sharing the energy.
  • Place your rubber ring down first on a flat / even surface then gently set your bowl in the centre of the ring. Be sure to check it is steady before you play. If you are on carpet or a rug you may need something flat to play on to avoid the bowl tipping.
  • Pick up your mallet and gently tap the side of the bowl, you may not strike it hard enough the first time if you are trying to be gentle, keep testing until you hear the note clearly but do not hit it too hard!
  • Once the note can be heard then you want to run the mallet around the edge of the bowl, keeping it on a very slight angle.
  • Practise makes perfect - you will find the technique that works best for you and if in doubt jump onto Youtube!

Please note bowls are FRAGILE - handle with care when picking up and shifting around and make sure you keep out of range of kids, pets and items that could knock them over.

Also to note that due to the fragile nature of the bowls that naturally they may have very small chips around the edges, the logos printed at the base may also appear slightly irregular in some cases due to the manufacturing process where no two are the same. This also goes for the mallets provided. We check all bowls before they leave - if you have any issues please get in touch. Bowls are shipped in a protective casing to avoid damage with the couriers and all effort will be taken to avoid this but they are a high risk object to ship so if anything happens on arrival we need to be notified ASAP.


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