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Fuchsite Crystal Tumble Stone


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Fuchsite Crystal Tumble Stone

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  • Decision making
  • Balances emotions
  • Brings joy into your life
  • Expands Heart Chakra
  • Amplifies healing energy
  • Self-worth
  • Intuitive growth

As Fuchsite's energy envelops you, imagine it speaking to your soul, "I am here to rejuvenate your spirit, to breathe new life into your inner being. As a guardian of emotional balance, I bring harmony to your heart and mind, gently easing the burdens you carry. My essence fosters resilience, encouraging you to rise from life's challenges with renewed strength and wisdom. Within my energy, find a sanctuary for decision-making, where clarity emerges from the depths of confusion. I harmonize your relationships, weaving threads of understanding and empathy. Embrace the joy I offer, let it infuse your life with lightness and laughter. In my presence, feel your healing energies amplified, as I guide you towards a path of personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. Trust in my power to enhance your intuitive abilities, opening doors to deeper insights and a profound connection with your higher self."

Fuchsite Tumble Stones are 2-3cm wide and will be intuitively selected from what is in stock and available at Knight Inspired | The Crystal Shop.

Please note this listing is for one tumble stone only.  Your stone may slightly vary in colour or shape from the main image as it depends what is currently in stock


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Fuchsite Crystal Tumble Stone - Knight Inspired

Fuchsite Crystal Tumble Stone