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The Light Codes - Light Language Cards


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The Light Codes - Light Language Cards

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Awaken the Divine within, with the complete set of Light Codes.
36 High-Vibrational Light Language Cards and Guidebook in a beautiful handmade jute bag.

Set contains:
The Codes of Transition - Divine Guidance through ever-changing earth and life events.
The Codes of Divine Light - Vortexes of Light or reveal, develop and expand your intuition and awareness.
The Codes of Transformation - Galactic Codes to awaken and unloads your true potential.


My journey as a lightworker began more than 15 years ago in the Alcyone Pod, at a sacred mystery school in Hawaii. I trained with a beautiful Master Teacher who assisted the reawakening of my awareness and how to channel ancient sacred codes, the language of the star nations, light language, and how to work with the many Ascended Masters in deep service to humanity. Over the years I have assisted in group service to Mother Gaia clearing some of the Earth's chakras and portals and have even assisted in opening stargates within sacred places. Recently, I started to bring through a series of channelled, intuitive, Light Language Codes to assist in our awakening and the awareness of who we are, where we come from and what we are here to do. These cards work deeply with our 12 chakras and energy bodies and act as a catalyst for great change, awakening us to who we really are – multi-dimensional, Divine Beings of the Light. The Codes are overseen by many Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones, Star Beings and Ancient Earth Keepers. Each one is a high-vibrational healing and transformational tool to subtly activate and gently awaken, expand and release energy. In doing so, The Codes bring clarity, understanding, love and joy to us in this cosmic moment. The Codes are here to assist us as we awaken, activate and expand our spiritual consciousness. This happens by opening and clearing our many energy bodies, chakras and the energetic gateways held within our chakras and heart, in a healing, nurturing and enlightening process. The Codes allow the wisdom and knowledge held within the heart to filter into the physical body allowing greater access to our true potential.


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The Light Codes - Light Language Cards - Knight Inspired

The Light Codes - Light Language Cards