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Organic Incense Sticks: Cannabis

Organic Incense Sticks: Cannabis

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*Please note that this does not smell like actual Cannabis in the slightest, it is actually one of the nicest packs that we have recently added to our line as we had such great feedback from sending out samples

15 grams - 12-15 sticks

Incense has been part of India's rich heritage and cultural traditions for a very long time. The act of lighting incense is believed to help the mind focus during meditation and spiritual practice. It creates an aura of positive energy.

Handmade with great care and love, these masala incense sticks have been carefully prepared with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

 Prepared with 96% Organic ingredients.


  • Light Incense
  • Blow out flame
  • Use Incense holder


Handmade in India

Environmentally Friendly

Recyclable paper used


No Child Labour Used

No Animal by-products


Free Shipping over $200 (NZ Only) Australia Rates available too.

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